• Emergency Locksmith Service

    Our friendly technicians are available between 8am and 6pm Monday through Saturday. Serving all of Skagit County including, Mt. Vernon, Burlington, Sedro Woolley and the surrounding areas.

    Shop is by appointment please call to schedule.

    WA License # LOCKSSL863LP

  • Your commercial property is not safe simply because you’ve locked the doors. Lock bumping is a scary reality. It is effective on many types of locks. Thieves use a regular key that has a special series of cuts on it. When it is in the lock, a tap or a series of taps with a hard object [...]

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    Commercial Locksmith

    Locksmith Skagit is highly experienced when it comes to commercial locksmith services. We provide an extensive list of services for businesses. From basic locksmith work such as rekeying levers, knobs, panic bars and I/C cores to setting up complex master key systems. We have you covered. [...]

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