• Emergency Locksmith Service

    Our friendly technicians are available between 8am and 6pm Monday through Saturday. Serving all of Skagit County including, Mt. Vernon, Burlington, Sedro Woolley and the surrounding areas.

    Shop is by appointment please call to schedule.

    WA License # LOCKSSL863LP

  • My car key stopped turning in my ignition do i have to get it towed to a mechanic?

    No, a common job for a mobile locksmith is driving to somebody stranded to fix a seized ignition. I stock a ton of ignitions in my van that are known to fail, such as Ford, Chrysler, and Chevy, and have the ability to make your old keys still work in the new switch. Ignitions you buy at auto part stores usually cost more, are already keyed to some random key that won’t match your door and if the car is equipped with a transponder key, won’t start the car. Some other common ignition issues like Toyota’s, I can usually repair on site without even needing to replace the ignition. Whatever ignition problem you’re having chances are I have seen it before and know the best possible way to fix it.

    My only key broke off and its stuck inside my lock what should I do?

    Whatever you do don’t use superglue!  You’d be surprised how many people i have come across that read on the internet to put superglue on the broken key and stick it  back in the lock to try to pull the other half out. I promise you it doesn’t work, and It will destroy your lock. I have specially designed broken key extractors and can almost always extract the broken key. Once I have both pieces of your key I can enter the cuts of your key into my computer and it will originate you a brand new key, problem solved.

    Can you just make me a key to my car off the VIN Number?

    I do have the ability to get a key code for some cars from your cars vin #, ownership verification is required and the proper paperwork must be filled out, code databases aren’t always accurate and there is no guarantee that the code purchased will work. In most cases it is more cost effective and %100 guaranteed for me to drive out to the location of the vehicle to make a key for your car. If you need keys made to your vehicle give me a call and I’d be happy to discuss the best options for your personal situation.

    Why should you call a locksmith when you are locked out of your car?

    Calling a Locksmith is always the best choice for this scenario, because they are trained professionals, that know how to unlock your door without causing damage to the car. Newer cars are set up with intricate locking systems and can be damaged inadvertently if a non professional attempts to repair or replace the car keys.

    I lost my only chipped transponder key do I have to go to the dealer?

    I have the capability of programming transponder keys, remotes, and proximity keys on site. For Locksmith Skagit to come out originate a key and program the transponder, it is definitely going to be cheaper than towing it to the dealer. We stock most transponder and remote head keys just for these emergencies. We are here to offer our assistance for any automotive lock situations, give us a call today we are happy to assist you with your locksmith issues.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    Due to the nature of emergency service we don’t take personal checks. We accept cash or credit card. We will however take business checks, po’s, and set up accounts with business’ that use us frequently that want to pay monthly.

    I’m locked out of my house do you have to destroy my lock to get me back in?

    We’re locksmiths we can pick locks. On a very rare occasion if drilling the cylinder is required we have replacement cylinders and we include that for no extra charge if it comes down to that.   The price quoted over the phone is the price you pay always!

    If my keys are lost or stolen do i have to get new locks?

    No we can rekey them. By taking apart your old locks we can remove the pins that made your old key work and change them to fit a new key. This can save you time and money because it is more affordable than buying all new locks, plus it will save you the time of going to purchase locks and install them yourself. Especially the time required to alter the doors preparation once you find out the holes your old locks worked in need to be bigger for newer modern locks.

    What is a master key system?

    A master key system is set up by a Locksmith. It allows you to have one key that will open every door of your building and others keys to open only designated areas allowing you the convenience of having only one key and your employees to have a key that only lets them into where they need to go.

    What does a mobile locksmith do?

    A mobile locksmith drives a van equipped with all the most common lock hardware for commercial, residential, and automotive locks. They are trained professionals that know how to fix anything having to do with locks out of the back of their van. They are trained in setting up keying systems, installing and repairing door hardware, unlocking cars, picking residential and commercial grade locks, originating lost keys for houses, cars, boats, motorcycles, rv’s, mailboxes, file cabinets, and just about any other type of lock you can think of. Best of all they drive to you to quickly solve your lock issues on site.