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  • Types of Safes for the Homeowner

  • We all have heirlooms, guns, and other important things in our home that we want to protect. Many people buy a safe to store their important belongings. Yet, there is also some confusion about the type of safe to purchase. Here’s a short guide on the types of safes most commonly used by homeowners.

    Gun Safes

    SafesA gun safe is an indispensable safety tool for your home. If you have even one gun, then you should purchase a gun safe. Gun safes are made in all sizes. You can get a safe that is small enough to hold only one hand gun or you can get a large gun safe than hold multiple rifles. Securing your guns in a gun safe can reduce the chance of accidental shooting.

    Fire Resistant Safes

    Many homeowners elect to purchase a fire resistant safe. Birth certificates, passports, and other documents can take time to replace. If you’ve ever had to order a new birth certificate or social security card then you understand that. It’s important that your sensitive documents are stored in a protective manner. A fire resistant safe serves two purposes for the homeowner. First, it protects the documents from people who may be digging around looking for things to steal. A stolen birth certificate or a stolen social security card can mean cleaning up identity theft. Second, it’s fire resistant. If your home catches fire, your documents stand a better chance of survival.

    TL-15 Rated Safes

    If you own jewelry or other heirlooms, then it’s important that you protect them from thieves. Safes that are rated TL-15 are more resistant to common picking techniques. This is a great choice particularly if you can get one of the larger safes. Most burglars will only take what they can carry. So, if you have a heavy safe and it is burglary resistant then there’s a good chance that it will be left behind.

    Biometric Safes

    Technology is even used to construct safes. A biometric lock will require the appropriate fingerprint to be scanned before it opens. It’s fast to open as long as you have what is required. Many can be easily mounted to a wall and also come with an electronic lock and key.

    Fire / Burglar Resistant Safes

    Many safes are designed to do double duty for home owners. You can look for safe that are both fire or water resistant and that also have burglar resistant features. They offer the best protection. Many have what is known as a Group II combination lock. This type of lock can stop even a highly knowledgeable burglar.

    When you choose safes for your home, it is important that you look at the locks that are on the safe. Locks are graded. Some fire resistant safes do not have an advanced lock. It is important that you look for safes that are affordable and that offer you the best protection for your valuables.

    There are other types of safes available. If you live in an area prone to flooding, you might want to look into getting a safe that is water resistant. Your choice in a safe for your home will be based solely upon your needs. It’s important to do your research to protect your belongings.