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We depend on our home and business doors to keep our loved ones and property safe. After a break-in or weather damage, it is vital that you have an entry door repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are open to further damage or theft. Even without incurring a destructive blow, everyday wear can cause damage to your entry doors. An improperly working door creates a security issue, leaving you vulnerable to theft and injury. Keep your family safe and your business secure by hiring a locksmith for your commercial and home door repair needs.

How to Repair a Door

While the exact process varies with different styles, it follows the same basic procedure.

  • First, the existing door hardware is removed. Depending on what your door is made of and how old it is, you may find two machine screws at the handle’s interior side, among other fastening implements.
  • When new hardware is installed, the latch is attached first. They can be placed on either side, so it is vital to position it properly.
    The inside handle is then carefully positioned through the latching mechanism.
  • When the interior side handle is in place, the exterior side is then lined up through the screw holes. The two machine screws are then installed.
  • Finally, the strike plate is put in the door jamb, completing the installation process.

Benefits of Working with a Professional Locksmith

Sure, you have a lot of choices when it comes to door repair. But when you choose a locksmith to take care of door repair and new lock installation, you get so much more than just a new door.

Security. You need to know who is installing or repairing your door. Beware of a deal that seems a little too good. There are predators who want to fix your door or install a new lock just so they can easily break in when they return. To ensure that you are protected, you need a professional, reputable locksmith.

Fair Pricing. With an amateur in charge of fixing your door, you may think you are getting a great deal. But, without the proper training and experience, the job may end up spending much more than you expected. A professional locksmith will be able to accurately assess the time the job will take and what materials will be needed. You will get an honest pricing estimate when you work with an expert.

Guaranteed Service. When you put an amateur in control of something as important as an entry door, you run the risk of an unfinished or poorly executed job. Only a professional locksmith can provide the level of quality and security your home or business deserves.

Trust the Experts at Locksmith Skagit for Professional Door Repair & Hardware

For dependable door repair and hardware, rely on the experts at Locksmith Skagit. Not only can we provide fast, efficient repair and installation for all types of doors and hardware, we do it at an affordable price. We are the area’s local mobile locksmith, proudly serving Skagit County and Whatcom County, including Skagit, Mount Vernon, Burlington, and Bellingham.
We offer a wide range of door repair and hardware options, including:

  • Door frame repair
  • Metal door repair
  • New lock installation
  • Door pivots
  • Exit devices
  • Door closers