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Problems With Your Car Remote? Call Us and We’ll Come To You

image of a variety of automotive remotes, fobs and transponder keys

No matter what make or model car, van, or truck you have, we can duplicate, repair or replace your remote, fob, and transponder key.

Car remotes are found in most modern vehicles today because of the added convenience these key fobs provide. They also add another layer of security to your vehicle – enabling you to control the locking mechanism of your car from afar. But as an electric component, there’s a chance they may stop working when you least expect it. If your car remote has suddenly stopped working, it could be because of numerous reasons. Here are some of them:

Batteries Die Out Suddenly Or Over Time

One of the biggest culprits for non-performing car remotes is dead batteries. Since batteries power up the transmitter in the key hob, the whole component stops working once they die. Batteries typically have a long shelf life but they can wear out over time. You will need to get the battery replaced for your remote to start working again. These batteries may not be as easy to replace as you think, which is why it’s sensible to let a professional car locksmith take care of it for you.

Damaged Receiver Or Transmitter

All car remotes operate through the transmitter and receiver once you press the button. If there is any damage to either component, then the signals cannot be transmitted and the key hob will stop working. The issue could be because of internal damage or loose connections somewhere. These are complex problems and are best handled by a professional auto locksmith.

Incorrect Car Key Programming

Car remotes are paired between the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is the button on your remote. This needs to be programmed to the receiver that is inside your vehicle. If this hasn’t been done correctly, then the remote won’t work until it is fixed. This problem typically occurs with second-hand owners, but it can happen with new owners too. An auto locksmith will need to undertake key fob programming to get your remote up and running once again.

Broken Component Within Car Remote

Another reason why your remote may not work is perhaps that it is broken. This could be because internal components are damaged or missing – even if your receiver and transmitter both work fine. For example, the battery terminals could be broken or loose, which stops the car remote from working. In these instances, an auto locksmith is best equipped to check and fix the problem.

The Solution – Choosing A Professional Auto Locksmith

Key hob problems can be extremely stressful for car owners especially when they need to get on with their busy lives. Most of these problems cannot be fixed on your own. You’ll need the help of an auto locksmith who can diagnose the problem and offer immediate solutions.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to compromise on car security. Make sure you hire a registered, certified and insured locksmith who will offer a guarantee for the services they provide. If you’re looking for affordable prices and high-quality work, Locksmith Skagit offers mobile services throughout Skagit County and Whatcom County, including Mount Vernon, Skagit, Bellingham and Burlington in Washington.