Car Computer Reprogramming


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image of an on-board car computer being programmed

Here’s what a typical onboard automotive computer looks like when it’s being programmed.

The tremendous progress in car security means that replacing a lost key isn’t as easy as simple duplication. Since most of today’s automobiles are controlled by the onboard computer, you will need someone to reprogram it to accept the new key. There are many reasons that a car owner may need car key programming and automotive key generation. You may need to replace a lost key or need to reprogram the car’s computer to limit certain people from access to the vehicle. Whatever your reason, you need to make sure that your tech gets the job done correctly.

The How-Tos of Car Computer Reprogramming

Many of today’s vehicles have what is called Electrically Erasable Programmable Read- Only Memory (EEPROM). This is a type of read-only memory that allows your car’s computer to be erased and reprogrammed. To do this, you will need a professional that has the specialized tools needed.

To be able to create new car keys when you need them, the only way is through reprogramming the computer to accept a new key. Your technician will reflash the computer components and connect a box and cable set-up to your car. This gives us the ability to send the right message to your vehicle. This interface allows the controller to communicate with the computer, making it possible to update your car’s security information. When the reflash is complete, your car will recognize the new key as the correct one and deny any former keys.

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Locksmith

The reasons to choose a professional locksmith with your car computer reprogramming are many, but the most important is your peace of mind. With something as important as your car’s computer system, you need to rely on the skill and experience of an expert. You deserve to have a certified, registered, and insured professional in charge, to ensure the vehicle responds as it should.

Honest Pricing. While the amateurs may claim that they can save you money on car computer programming, the truth is often a little different. Sometimes the job entails more work than they had originally expected, creating delays and added cost. You should trust only the professionals when it comes to something as vital as the entrance to your own car. They will be able to properly estimate both the time and expense and get the job done on schedule.

Guaranteed Service. Your car is crucial to your career, family, and life. Hiring a professional locksmith not only controls the price, it also guarantees that the job will be completed properly. Local businesses also provide peace of mind, knowing they will be around after the job is finished.

We Provide Professional Car Computer Programming

When you need reliable locksmith services, including car computer programming and automotive key generation, contact the professionals at Locksmith Skagit. Our mobile locksmith service will take care of all your car, home, and business needs quickly and affordably. We are your local specialists, and we are proud to serve Skagit County and Whatcom County, including Skagit, Mount Vernon, Burlington, and Bellingham. We offer competitive rates and complete customer satisfaction for all our locksmith services.

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